Welcome to the Camisards' Land

Welcome to the Camisards' Land

Réunion paroissiale, pastorale, séjour de catéchumènes... le Val de l'Hort est heureux de vous accueillir !

Un séjour en Cévennes protestantes

Propositions d’activités et de visites pour un séjour inoubliable en terre camisarde :

Autres activités à faire autour d’Anduze

The Cevennes : Protestant land the first time

Reformed religion , coming from Geneva , has established very early in the Cevennes. A Anduze, the Franciscan Friars who preach the Reformation from 1547 , stand a church (1560) .

The wars of religion divide the kingdom, until the Edict of Nantes issued by Henry IV in 1598.

1600 : the Anduziens advantage of this lull to build a temple.

On the death of Henri IV and hostilities resumed gradually becomes the last Protestant Languedoc province , the latter reduces the Cevennes.

Anduze: headquarters Protestant forces

In the 1620s , the Duke of Rohan, commander in chief of the Protestants, Anduze chooses to be his headquarters : it strengthens the defenses of the "door" and includes the Protestant forces.

In 1629 , the "Peace of Alais " requires anduziens to dismantle their stronghold (only the Clock Tower is spared ) . Thus began a long period of repression.

1685-1787 : A Century of resistance - the period of the Desert

Under the absolute reign of Louis XIV religious intolerance is complete , the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 causes the forced conversion of the inhabitants of the Cevennes : Dragons King terrorize people in search of renunciations .

Protestant Temples were destroyed : 1956 , destruction of the Temple Anduze .

However, despite the prohibitions and danger, the "reformed" continue to come together to practice their faith clandestinely in remote areas ( forests, caves , ravines ) .

War Camisard

In 1702 , the Cevennes become a battleground : the camisard leaders Jean Cavalier, Pierre Laporte said Rolland Abraham Mazel and fight the royal troops .

Despite significant success rebellion was eventually crushed militarily in 1704.

She will continue sporadically until 1710 .

The finally calming ...

1787 : the signing of the Edict of Tolerance

A new temple to Anduze

1823 : construction of Anduze temple , one of the largest in France .