Cinéma : ateliers avec Cinefacto


Resource Centre and Creations Cinema and Audiovisual
Story of Cinefacto

Since its inception in 1994 CINEFACTO initiates and forms, develops, promotes and encourages the creation and film and broadcasting, particularly in rural areas.

Today CINEFACTO workshops are a place of encounter and exchange, a place of creation, initiation and training.

Cinéfacto gathers in one place all activities related to Image: editing studio (traditional and digital), a specialized library, photo lab, Creative Workshop and studio shoot, film and audiovisual equipment.
Cinefacto and Val de l'Hort already nine years of working ...

So since soon 10 years, Lionel Marchand and his team regularly comes at Val de l'Hort within classes discoveries Cinema.

It supports and enables the achievement of beads film in real image or animation to see on his website.

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Cinéma : ateliers avec Cinefacto
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