Grotte de la Cocalière

Between Cevennes and Ardeche, the Cave of Cocalière, nicknamed "diamond cave", invites you to discover its natural wonders. Cave pearls, crystal basin to the emerald waters, sparkling calcite crystals and prehistoric gallery delight young and old.

The tour lasts about an hour on an easy course and a temperature of 14 ° C in summer and winter. After this unforgettable underground discovery, the heart of a protected natural site, a small train through the scrub to take you out.

A discovery trail winds through a rich Mediterranean flora and fauna, reveals dolmens, capitelles and meandering rock.

On site

  • Guided tour
  • Returning by train
  • Trail of flora and small Mediterranean heritage


Cave Cocalière is open daily, from 15 March to Thanksgiving holiday.

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Grotte de la Cocalière
Grotte de la Cocalière
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