Jardin des Sambucs

Located in the National Park of the Cevennes this garden peasant, companion of the nature invites you to stroll at your own pace.

Spontaneous vegetation favors the presence of small beneficial wildlife to the functioning of the ecosystem of the garden.

Near the mare,
shaded lounging benches welcome children and adults. The sound of the water stops time, the dream is not far. Slowly the vegetation is climbing  or joining the new construction of the gardener. The garden take care  to its environment and to the well-being of its visitors, usability and exchange ideas with simplicity and good humor for the sake of everyone.

Site closed by heavy rains, some stones are slippery! allow flexible shoes

Attention to the many stairs and cobbled streets, stroller recommended.

Time of the discovery of one hour to several hours.

(at 55.00 km)
Jardin des Sambucs
Hameau Le Villaret
30570 Saint André de Majencoules
Lat : 44.0241 - Lon : 3.68902
Tel : 0682495919
Email : jardinsambucs@msn.com
Site : https://www.jardinsambucs.com