Le Préhistorama

Travel back in time, since the appearance of life on Earth until the end of prehistory.

You will discover:

  • The permanent collection of the Museum: gallery of Geological Time (collection of over 500 fossils) that traces the evolution from the beginning of life on Earth to the appearance of man
  • Prehistory with reconstructed scenes from the life of our ancestors and the living animals of the ice age.
  • An ethnographic collection with contemporary objects from a tribal manufacturing, sometimes unchanged since the Paleolithic.
  • The new permanent exhibition on fossil collections on display for your viewing pleasure.

During school holidays: games, puzzles and wooden dummy searches are available to children in the games room of the museum.


The museum is accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

(at 25.00 km)
Le Préhistorama
Pont d'Avène
La Croix de Fauvie
30340 Rousson
Lat : 44.2207 - Lon : 4.10615
Tel : 0466858696
Fax : 0466858693
Email : contact@prehistorama.com
Site : http://www.prehistorama.com

History and traditions

Accessible for disabled guests
For kids