Musée de la poterie méditerranéenne

The Museum of Mediterranean Pottery offers a free range or guided through 11 rooms consisting of commercial ceramics of the last two centuries.

The tour then takes place over the activities of the scenography maison.La traces the daily life of the Mediterranean countries through the use of popular ceramics.

Open house, 3
Groups (10 people)

Self-guided or guided about 1 hour, up to 20 people simultaneously. (If more, the tour is done twice, the other group can visit the village for example.)

Guided tours by appointment: 2,60 per person
Open house: € 2.30

Students are welcome to the museum. Two types of tours are offered by level: 2.30 per pupil.

(at 47.00 km)
Musée de la poterie méditerranéenne
14, rue de la Fontaine
Maison de la Terre
30700 Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie
Lat : 44.0457 - Lon : 4.44031
Tel : 0466036586
Fax : 0466036586
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