Nīmes romaine

If you can, do not hesitate to spend a day in Nîmes Romaine.

In addition to the gardens of the fountain and the city center, three Roman sites to discover:

The Arena

Bleachers internal galleries, discover the best preserved amphitheater of the Roman era and walk in the footsteps of spectators from antiquity.

Maison Carrée

The Maison Carrée is the only temple of the ancient world completely preserved. You will discover a 3D movie depicting the heroic past of the city of Nimes.

Tour Magne

Only remnant of the ancient walls built by Augustus, Magne Tower stands on the highest point of the city. It offers a breathtaking panorama of the city of Nimes.


Sites are not available, however, people with reduced mobility can visit the gardens of the fountain and discover the Arena and the Maison Carré outside.

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Nīmes romaine
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