Parapente Sud

Want to know the magic of free flight?

Try a tandem flight (paragliding paramotor) with a state certified instructor who will show you his passion safely.

The first flight is accessible to children and adults with disabilities. The school is equipped with a Handicar chair.

Paragliding is an activity very dependent on weather conditions. The day of baptism, contact for times and exact location of the appointment. Provide a wide time range (up to off and wait for the right time to fly, it may take time, live in harmony with nature and wind).

If you're on vacation, plan your flight early in order to stay under the best possible weather conditions.

Recommended equipment: a good pair of shoes, preferably rising, light pants, a sweat shirt, a windbreaker, sunglasses, gloves ....

(at 32.00 km)
Parapente Sud
Le Village
30580 Seynes
Lat : 44.117 - Lon : 4.28645
Tel : 0486870440
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