Accessibility Policy

Accessibility of the site

The site has been designed in compliance with Internet standards defined by the W3C and possible accessibility standards defined by the WAI and AccessiWeb...

Relative display size

The site uses relative font sizes so you permetre to adapt the size of the characters displayed by using the controls on your browser. You can set the font size to your liking, but beyond a certain size, certain elements may overlap and make it difficult to read.

How to adjust font size?

With a mouse with a scroll wheel
Hold the CTRL key on the keyboard and turn the dial upward to enlarge the text and to reduce down.
Windows with Internet Explorer
In the "View" menu, select "Text Size".
Windows with Firefox / Mozilla
Hold down the CTRL key and press the + key on the numeric keypad to enlarge.
Hold down the CTRL key and press the - key to reduce the keypad.
Or in the "View" menu, then "Zoom", select "Zoom" or "Cut".
Windows with Opera
Press the + key on the numeric keypad to enlarge.
Press the - key on the numeric keypad to reduce.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard shortcuts

In order to facilitate keyboard navigation, following access keys (accesskey) were implemented on all pages of the site:

How to use these keys?

Depending on your browser and machine, it will use one of the following key combinations:

To enter the number of the access key must use the keyboard and not the keypad

Browser keyboard shortcuts

Tab navigation

Press TAB to move the "focus" from link to link to select the desired link, confirm with ENTER, the SHIFT + TAB to move the focus in the opposite direction.

Skip links

A menu located at the top of each page allows direct access to the desired party: content, main menu, search engine (...) without having to wade through unwanted informations.
These links facilitate site access for disabled people, including blind people: they permit a direct access to the desired location.

Language for structuring and presentation (HTML, CSS and Javascript)

Semantic markup

Each information block has been marked according to its content, which allows a good reading even without any styling information preserving the hierarchy and the nature of the information, for example:

Separate stylesheets

Validation of the source code

Each page of the website has been verified and published without any programming error with the W3C code validator.
However, there may be errors due to the content entered by a later editor


The website is still usable without JavaScript is enabled on your browser.



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Audio and video files

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