Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard offers a unique discovery space dedicated to the history of the Pont du Gard, in addition to the monument, UNESCO World Heritage, you will find:

Cultural side

  • Multimedia Museum: water, construction of an aqueduct Pont du Gard and will have no secret for you through the space of 2500m ² dedicated to the Gallo-Roman civilization. A journey through time!
  • Cinema: Meet Lili dragonfly in the new movie "A bridge crosses the time." 15 minutes from Pont du Gard pictures in all its facets.
  • Ludo, the children space: pédagiques workshops for children will understand antiquity. The opportunity to step into the shoes of a Roman Within a intant!
  • Memories Garrigue: 15 ha landscape garden to stroll among olive groves, vineyards, discover the capitelles of dry stone walls ... A true journey of 1, 4km to learn more about the agriculture, forestry and pastoralism in Mediterranean countries.

For leisure

  • Beach: the right bank is fitted and offers "appointment" to the river during the summer.
  • Guided tours: Guided tours are offered regularly on the Pont du Gard.
  • Panoramas and hiking: turning a hike on the GR6, panoramas offer stunning views of the water and the surrounding villages.

Festive side

The Pont du Gard offers many events throughout the year. Appointments to local cultural events through sports, there is always something to do at the Pont du Gard!

New 2014: Val de l'Hort makes you benefit from the PASS card Pont du Gard!

(at 58.00 km)
Pont du Gard
La Bégude
400 Route du Pont du Gard
30210 Vers-Pont-du-Gard
Lat : 43.9479 - Lon : 4.53487
Tel : 0466375099
Fax : 0466375150
Email : contact@pontdugard.fr
Site : http://www.pontdugard.fr

History and traditions

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Incentive activity
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