Sentiers vagabonds

Young association based in St Jean du Gard, Sentiers vagabonds offers guidance to outdoor activities and to environmental education.

Outdoor activities

The "vagabonds" state-certified professional animators, have concocted a program of summer activities for everyone: canyoning, mountain biking, discovery of beaver, sunrise, canoeing and many other (discover on their website: here)

Environmental Education

These same vagabonds occur regularly in our school trips "Le Temps des découvertes" and stays "children leisure" : naturalistic discoveries, tools, methodology, discoveries sensory ... find their educational interventions here:"Le Temps des découvertes".

Activités "adaptées"

Les vagabonds travaillent à l'élaboration et au développements d'activités accessibles à tous les handicaps.

A competent, motivated and friendly team, which accompanies you and introduces you to discover the hidden wonders of the region!

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Sentiers vagabonds
54, Grand Rue
30270 St Jean du Gard
Lat : 44.0404 - Lon : 3.98839

Nature, Sports

Canoe-kayak rentals, Water sports, Hiking
Zero transportation
For kids