Silk Museum


Culture of Silk worms in the Cevennes.

The Silk Museum is a testimony of sericulture prestigious past of the Cevennes.

The Museum is also a showcase of the Cevennes production is one of the last to have continued in Europe.

The golden tree (mulberry) spinning mills, the silkworm throwing and weaving all stages of silk production will be presented.

True breeding silkworms, reeling and spinning cocoons, video, children's area, Museum shop, selling silks EYOS crafted in the Cevennes.

On 400m2 of exhibitions:

  • a silk with a true breeding silkworms,
  • a room with video projections of archival films on the silkworm, life Cévennes and expertise Cevennes,
  • a discovery space children,
  • shop "Soierie Cevennes"


An elevator provides access for people with reduced mobility.

(at 21.00 km)
Silk Museum
Place du 8 mai 1945
30170 St Hippolyte du Fort
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