Cévennes Hélicoptère

Baptisms on helicopter into the Cevennes

Treat yourself to a magical and unforgettable flight in a moment of escape hélicoptère.Ce allow you to discover a glance, with a fully panoramic view aboard BELL47 the Cevennes.

The Cevennes, with its typical maze of green valleys are a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. All reliefs Cevennes, Lozere Mt Mt Aigoual and to the ends of the coastal plain will be spread under your feet.

The duration of the proposed first flight flights of 6, 10 or 15 minutes.

All flights are available with or without an appointment, on Tuesdays in July and August from St Jean du Gard, or all year round by appointment.

Prices range from 40 to 90 euros per person.'s Departure are still with two passengers in the helicopter.

Tourist circuits Gard, Hérault and Lozère

For a long flight, flying from tour for 20 or 30 minutes. This flight will allow you to explore in more detail the locations of your choice on a journey of sixty miles, or a predetermined circuit.
The tours take place throughout the year by appointment from Saint Jean du Gard.

All tours are available with or without an appointment, on Tuesdays in July and August from St Jean du Gard.
I offer flights on: Borgne valley, French Valley, the Corniche des Cevennes mountains of Fageas where we will have a full view of all the Cevennes.

The flying height is always appropriate (in accordance with regulations) to allow you to achieve your aerial photographs as on specific points throughout the overflown General to bring the most beautiful memories area.

Rates: 120 euros for 20 minutes, 180 euros for 30 minutes. Departures are with two passengers on board.

(at 15.00 km)
Cévennes Hélicoptère

30270 St Jean du Gard
Lat : 44.0999 - Lon : 3.89507
Tel : 0466854903
Fax : 0466854903
Email : cevennes.helicoptere@wanadoo.fr
Site : http://www.cevenneshelicoptere.com/


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